cover page from the modern marketer's guide to tiktok

The Modern Marketer’s
Guide to TikTok

You know your brand has to be on TikTok. But how?

In this guide, we break down the fundamental differences between TikTok and other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and show you HOW to leverage TikTok’s algorithm for sustained success.


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“I’ve been in marketing for a decade…When I saw some of the videos before they went live on TikTok, I was sceptical that they would work. But when the campaign went live, the videos did SO WELL!”

Alex, Interim CMO of Lids

“I definitely learnt that we should not approach TikTok with our own personal assumptions, but to take an experimental approach and let TikTok’s algorithm do the work.”

Robin Chiang, VP of OpenTable

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What You'll Learn


Top 3 Questions CMOs Ask us and our Answers


Why Brands and Agencies get TikTok Wrong


How Brands Can be Successful on TikTok


The Secret Sauce

You can't afford to miss this

  • You're forward-looking

  • You're growth-Oriented

  • You're strategic

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"TikTok is becoming essential for any brand that wants to stay relevant."

Misty Bond,
director of pr & communications at purple

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sample page from the modern marketer's guide to tiktok
cover page from the modern marketer's guide to tiktok

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Popcorn Growth is an award-winning TikTok agency that has run campaigns for clients such as Skillshare, Thrive Market, and A&E Network. We have worked with over 3,000 TikTokers and gathered millions of data points.


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